November had two issues, me working on way too many projects, and thusly taking up way too much of my time, and a bit of that blockage mr. orchard speaks of, wherein you wonder if what you are writing has any worth at all…

I learned recently that “blogs” are for “guys wasting time on the internet writing about stuff” which I suppose is at least better than wasting time playing video games, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

As for the dare I say “writer’s block” thing, well, we’ve been at this since 1997, so stopping isn’t really an option. I suppose it is, if I were to get both of my hands chopped off, well… then I could get a monkey and teach it to upload podcasts of me rambling about something…

Anyway, on to the new stuff, which you already read if you do the reverse-chronological thing in reading this, which you might in a browser, but since almost all traffic to this site is via aggregators, that is doubtful. Nonetheless, enjoy!

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