It’s time… Time for me to clean out the old Computer Museum, which means it is time for me to unload the NeXTStation.

I know, it’s sad indeed, but what can I do? I’ve had it for years and never got it up and running very well. It used to work ok, but something went wacky with the OS, and while I do have all the neccessary CD‘s, I do not have a CD-ROM drive to connect to it.

So if you are a NeXT freak looking for a monochrome slab and MegaPixel Display, let me know… Hey, you could be the next TBL!

(I’ve also got what I think is an original “IBM PC” if you want that instead…)

One Response to “What’s NeXT?”

  1. Mario SaldanaNo Gravatar says:

    I am looking for a nextStation
    is this still available?
    please let me know
    thanks in advance
    Mario Saldana

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