You know how people ask you to do something, and it’s a simple task for you, and you do it, and email them back with something like “Done!” or “All set!” and then you get their response, and it’s one of those “Thanks” emails? You know, the kind that usually just says “Thanks!” and nothing else?

I’ve already gotten 4 of those today. I’m on fire! Watch out! I just might help you out, and then you’ll be sending me a “Thanks!” email…

(It could happen…)

3 Responses to “The Thanks Email”

  1. HaroldNo Gravatar says:


    yeah, that’s annoying. What’s even worse is receiving a question that’s so vaguely worded so you spend three days figuring out what the question actually is.

    And then you get a thanks email later.

  2. drewNo Gravatar says:


  3. How about a thanks comment? I know exactly the feeling though.

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