I was using IM to communicate with my brother. He uses a Windows machine, I use a Mac:

srp: OK. I need to re-boot (windows memory problem, go figure).
pete: uptime 6 days, 22:19, 7 users, load averages: 1.19 1.41 1.15
AIM: srp has logged off

Ah, if only I’d been logged into the old Linux box under my desk, I could have said: uptime 123 days, 21:44, 2 users, load average: 0.04, 0.04, 0.00 ;)

One Response to “Chat log with a Windows user”

  1. I just had to shut down my computer (took it to a LAN party) but I had uptime of nearly a month (since I last brought it home from a LAN). If you know what you’re doing you shouldn’t have to restart a Windows PC all that often with XP or 2000.

    That said Linux does take the cake.

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