Ok, you can’t actually be an “Eccentric Weirdo” and do you know why? Because while an eccentric and a weirdo may seem quite similar (and indeed they are) there is one big difference that separates them.


Yup, if you are weathly and act strange, you are eccentric, while those of us without overflowing bank accounts are considered weird.

It really is that simple. Are you an eccentric and want to become a weirdo? Just get rid of all your money! Any further actions that deviate from the norm will gain you the ‘weirdo’ label. Are you a weirdo wishing to become an eccentric? Find a way to get money! Once you have money any quirks in your behavior will be attributed to the fact that you are eccentric.

If anyone doubts me on this just send me large sums of cash and watch how I transform from weirdo in eccentric almost instantly…

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