Yesterday I spent over 2 hours driving, over 3 hours flying, and about 4 hours waiting. Oh, also had a brief meeting in between all that.

And I must say, I thought the Carl’s Jr. at BWI was bad, but I think the Taco Bell there might be worse. In contrast, the Burger King at MKE was actually decent.

I was unable to connect to any open wifi networks in Maryland, though I did find a couple. The signal strength where I was showed zero for all of them. (Some of them may have been FBI honeypots, but I can’t talk about that.) At BWI I finally did locate a 120 volt outlet, there was some Australian guy using it with his laptop, I asked if there was wifi, and he said yes, but it wasn’t free. :( He proceeded to make fun of the Apple yo-yo power adapter, and shortly after that he got up to leave and said he would see me later, though I sort of doubt that.

Anyway, another fun trip… glad to be back home!

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