Thanks T-Mobile! If you did not have such crappy coverage where I live I might have actually considered using you as a service provider, and getting a Sidekick.

And while we’re on the subject of security, obscurity, and other issues… I must remind people that misinformation can be as useful as information. Poor Paris got her data 0wn3d, and that ain’t cool, but I saw several people wonder if it was real or not… See, now I don’t have the contacts she does, but what I would do is salt (or pepper) my data with some stuff that just makes no sense, like “Ask Colonel Sanders for that recipe” or maybe “Tell Elvis he left the water running again” and my contacts would include Squiddly Diddly and Dr. Zachary Smith. You know, just enough weirdness to confuse people and make them question the legitimacy of it all.

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