I’m wondering if there is a word for this…

Have you ever analyzed an email exchange or IM log for things like hidden meanings in words or phrases? Or noticed certain words that you and another person both use? (I don’t mean common words like “the” or “and” I mean uncommon or made-up words, or even words you used in a post in the last week.) Or maybe mispellings of words which give them some sort of meaning that maybe was unintended? And what exactly does that smiley ;) mean in the context of the words around it!?

So, is this a known and existing condition? Have I reached nerdvana, or whatever the opposite of nerdvana is? I’m sure some egghead somewhere has done a study on this stuff…

Do normal people deal with things like this or just us computer geeks?

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  1. mike dunnNo Gravatar says:

    your just channeling a 12 yr old pete – that’s all… what you and i see in an im session is totally different than what they see – they are uber read-between-the-lines entities – so what does that mean, that geeks stay young forever, maybe, maybe ;)

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