Beware Odeo Clowns

Join the Odeo, you lead, we’ll follow… (With apologies to Isocracy)

Odeo says:

Somewhere in an apartment in San Francisco, we’re making it easy for you to discover, create, and subscribe to fresh, independent audio content for your iPod (or whatever MP3-player-type-deal you prefer).

Pete says: Hey! Didn’t we do that last summer? I mean, except for the part about an apartment in San Francisco… Perhaps they aim to make it even more easier or something? I mean, we all know where the money is, and it ain’t in creating new things, it’s in waiting until those new things are no longer new, but well established, and then finding ways to make money from them, possibly by making a difficult thing easier, or by making something even more popular…

(You’d think I’d learn that lesson by now and give up on the new things and focus on the money making things, but I guess I’m just dumb like that.)