I once proposed A List for Everyone, which would be a mailing list thats sole purpose would be to annoy, confuse, and frustrate people…

While I’m sure this is still an excellent idea, I think that the mailing list I should really start should be called “Editor Wars” and it would solely deal with the issue of which editor is “better” than the others. I’m not just talking emacs and vi, we’d get folks who like jEdit, and BBEdit, and UltraEdit, and nano/pico, and heck, even those Eclipse guys could join in!

I’d plan on getting sponsorship from the various companies that make text editing software (and maybe some soft drink companies) and I’m pretty sure I’d make a million. (A million what I’m not quite sure…)

I’m telling you, Editor Wars just has a nice ring to it… and it could be my ticket out of this one-editor town I’ve been living in…

What do you think? Want to join my list?

6 Responses to “Editor Wars”

  1. RobertNo Gravatar says:

    This list has the potential to be both amusing and entertaining. I believe that the key would be setting up a set of groundrules.

  2. Groundrules? How about NO rules? Not sure if that would be more or less amusing/entertaining though… ;)

  3. genehackNo Gravatar says:

    Rule #1: Don’t talk about Editor Wars.

    It’s sad, but I would totally join this list.

    Even more sad: I would post to this list.

  4. JubilationNo Gravatar says:

    The second rule of Editor Wars, is that you DO NOT talk about Editor Wars.

    Let’s bring it!

    BBedit 0wnz!

  5. drewNo Gravatar says:

    what about notepad?

  6. Dude, anyone who considers notepad an editor should not comment on Editor Wars! (How was that?)

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