I got a cut today, no big deal, some blood, a band-aid, it’s ok…

Well, it’s not ok actually, there is a major problem. It’s on the tip of my right index finger. That would be the finger I use for dialing the phone, or clicking a mouse, or worse of all… typing!

Is there a fate worse for a computer nerd type geekoid than a slightly disabled index finger? I mean, I’d rather have gotten a cut on my hand, or arm, or even my ruggedly handsome face, but for a code hacker… the fingers? Anything but the fingers!

2 Responses to “Wounds of the Geek”

  1. czeltic girlNo Gravatar says:

    Well, let’s see… you could have broken your wrist. That could be inconvenient. ;) (Off, dammit! I want the cast off!!)

  2. One more day until castaway?

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