After the big hoo-ha about the question of Whose voice is it anyway? I had to think long and hard about doing this, but dangit, Free Speech will not be silenced!

Niall, I’m behind you buddy! So I’m putting it out there, my very own (heavily) modified propoganda-like artwork about corporate blogging, and the view of it from big bizness

Corporate Blogging

I just hope “the man” can handle it, and they don’t come down on me too hard!

Remember my brothers and sisters,


(Note: This post is in no way related to my employer, I speak only for myself, and occasionally for my cats. Some settling may occur during hypertext transport. Offer not valid in Alaska or Hawaii unless it’s a Tuesday. Return unused portion for a partial refund.)

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  1. Mud's TestsNo Gravatar says:

    Here are some thoughts on corporate blogging — Empowering-blogger tools to fight the power, and stay out of trouble! [At the URI, under my name]

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