Oh sure, you hear a whole lot about Identity Theft, but what about Identity Sale?

When asked recently by Czeltic Girl about Metafilter, I confessed that it’s been quite a while since I’ve been a regular visitor, so when I checked I learned that I am Metafilter user 577 (since March 8, 2000 anyway!)

I also remembered someone asking me about Slashdot a few years ago, and there too I mentioned how I used to visit Slashdot pretty often many years back, and my Slashdot user number is 871.

Most of the people I know have numbers that are a zillion times higher than those, which got me thinking… Maybe I should auction off my identity/user numbers? I mean, just think of the credibility you’d get if you could say “Yeah, I’ve been using Metafilter since 2000, I’m user number 577″ or “Slashdot? Yeah, I practically helped start it! I’m user number 871…”

I’m tellin’ ya, fame, fortune, beatiful cars, fast women, prosthetic forearms, they could all be yours… Just make me an offer…

One Response to “Identity Sale”

  1. blaine cookNo Gravatar says:

    Haha! I was never a MeFi junkie, but 871, that’s impressive. I looked a few weeks back (based on a comment in an interview by CmdrTaco or someone that user #180000 had “been around for a while, with a low number like that…” or to that effect), and found that I’m 8200. If it’s valuable, let me know!

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