The RGLN, or “Race/Gender Linking Network” is a way to annotate links so that you (and your software) can easily tell if a link is going to a white male, or black female, or whatever race/gender you may be. These things are important you know!

Where you would once type:

<a href="http://somewhiteguy.com/">White Male</a>

You will now use:

<a href="http://somewhiteguy.com/" rel="white male">White Guy Blogger</a>

And of course:

<a href=”http://someblackwoman.com/" rel="black female">Black Woman Blogger</a>

I hope that’s clear. In the coming months we will release software to allow you to easily block the opinions of the groups you wish to ignore. We’re also working on a toolbar to alter the content coming from the people of whatever race/gender you disagree with. That should make everyone quite happy, or amused, or annoyed. I’m not sure which.

(Disclaimer: I am white, and I am male, but I didn’t really choose either of those things, it just sort of happened…)

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  1. DossyNo Gravatar says:

    And, to help people self-identify to make it easier on those who link to them, you can use these handy buttons on your blog:

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