Ok, it’s time… 2005 is the year I will actually learn Java. No. Really. I mean it this time. Of course I’m excited… No I’m not being sarcastic! Really.

In fact, I’ll be in Minneapolis for the No Fluff Just Stuff Java Symposium next month.

It’s been many years since I’ve been to Minneapolis, so that will be interesting. I’m not actually sure I will make it, but if the RasterMobile! can make the trip, I will be there.

I mainly need to learn a lot more about JSP, since I’ll be hacking at that this year. From my experience so far with JSP, it’s pretty much like PHP, or ASP, or (shudder!) ColdFusion, But with, you know, Java.

It’ll be nice to be forced to… I mean, able to learn something new. Heck, who knows? I might even release some JSP-based app? (Of course I won’t actually run it on my server, since I don’t run Tomcat…)

Ok, come on now, I’m serious, it will be cool to learn more Java. There, I’m done.

(If you’re going to be at the No Fluff Just Stuff Java Symposium in Minneapolis April 29th through May 1st, let me know…)

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  1. nf0No Gravatar says:

    Keep us updated with your progress! I’ve been thinking I need to learn java as well. 2 good reasons come to mind for me 1) there has been java in Lotus Notes for some time, and that might just improve my database development 2) It would be cool to be able to code some plugins for jEdit. Maybe I should make the plunge this year also.

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