Yesterday I got a text message on my phone from Cingular telling me the email address associated with the phone was changing from a @mobile.att.net to a @mmode.com address. As you might know, Cingular assimilated AT&T Wireless a while back. In fact, after April 26th, 2005 that link to attwireless.com will probably redirect to cingular.com I also noticed that today my phone now displays CINGULAR where it used to say AT&T. Though the startup screen still shows the AT&T logo. The debug menu displays CINGULAR as well.

I also got a text message regarding replenishing my account. (This phone is a prepaid model.) When logging into your account at the Cingular site the first time, it let’s you know that it might take a few minutes. (Do they have an old 386 running Linux talking to an AS/400 or something?) You do get to look at a nice flash animation of the Cingular logo jumping up and down while waiting… Well, after a few minutes I was told that the number I entered was “not found in their records” so I might have to wait another week or two for AT&T Wireless to ship all those records over to Cingular…

Anyway, we just wanted to welcome our new Cingular Overlords…

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  1. Bryan BuchsNo Gravatar says:

    One of my earliest posts to my weblog was about my own trials and tribulations as a Cingular customer.

    I’m counting the days (326!) until my contract expires and I can move on to something else. I can’t say enough bad things about Cingular.

  2. But who will you move to? I mean, they all suck right? A friend of mine says Sprint sucks out where we live, and I live in a T-Mobile dead zone… I won’t use U.S. Cellular… urgh…

  3. BillNo Gravatar says:

    I really haven’t had any problems with my Cingular service, but oh boy, does their customer service website SUCK! Use it as sparingly as you can, seriously. It often takes a while to log in, only to make you re-login a few mouse clicks later for some odd reason.

  4. It’s the old rule, a company can’t provide quality service in all areas of business. Good reception == lousy support. Good customer service == no reception when/where you need it. Can’t win…

  5. mandrakeNo Gravatar says:

    AT&T as a brand name is pretty much gone. There’s a great graphic in the latest (paper) Wired tracing AT&T from breakup to assimilation.

    I think Cingular are still on VAXen. Either that or “Cingular” describes how many servers they have.

  6. adminNo Gravatar says:

    Hey, don’t knock the VAXen! I trusted them a lot more than the NT servers at my old place of employment…

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