First Macromedia bought Allaire, and now Adobe is buying Macromedia.

First off, I really wish I could have convinced someone to choose PHP instead of ColdFusion 5 years ago when building a web application I still, to this very day, have to fight with… Really. I really do.

Second, as brought up at What Do I Know, what does this mean for SVG now that Adobe will have all that Flash-mojo under it’s belt? (Note: I am very pro-SVG, and somewhat anti-Flash…)

Once again, this should aid to illustrate why I am so in favor of open-source software and open standards… Sigh… at least things are never boring.

2 Responses to “Adobedia”

  1. John BaileyNo Gravatar says:

    I can still feel your pain. I would guess I know exactly what you are talking about………

  2. adminNo Gravatar says:

    You probably know better than almost anyone else… I lost more hours today to the big ball of mud…

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