We know that some folks can’t play well with others, but isn’t it refreshing to see that when smart people build things, they can work well with what other smart people build? (No, I’m not talking about myself here!)

Over at Upcoming.org they added a bunch of nice API’s recently, and there’s some news about how they are being used. Those Robot Co-op guys (who are behind 43 Things) detail it nicely in the aptly titled Building web services that play nicely with other web services.

This is where we see web services getting really interesting. When the web services start playing nicely with one another, you can begin to string them all together and build things that are greater than the sum of their parts.

It’s like that whole “do one thing, and do it really well” philosophy.

As for Upcoming.org integration, even our cohort over at Cambridge Lions has events listed, and our very own ocono.com is doing it too…

Is there no end to the web-interop madness? I hope not…

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