Ahhh, Madison, it’s been a while, and the Dane County Regional Airport, nice to meet you. It’s a small airport, really small. I think the gates are numbered 1 through 10. Security check-in took less than 5 minutes. (Oddly enough a reporter from Madison emailed me yesterday about podcasting, hoping I was local.) I’d like to spend some time exploring Madison again this Summer, we’ll see how that goes.

The flight to Minneapolis was short and sweet. I almost think I would have preferred to drive, and it’s less waiting around and more on the move. Nonetheless, I’m now in Minneapolis at the airport borrowing an electrical outlet, which is never easy to find at an airport. Oh you can find them, but they’re either carrying 200+ volts with some funky heavy equipment outlet, or they’re located in poor locations, like right below the payphones or along a wall with no seats. This time I’m in a comfortable seat right next to an electric wheelchair that’s recharging. Power!

My co-worker is delayed. Seems the authorities had a plateful of hassle for him at the airport because of an expired vehicle registration, so he missed the flight by five minutes. (Missing the flight by 5 minutes due to vehicle related issues seems to be a trend among my co-workers.) He said he’ll be here 2 1/2 hours later. More time for me to sit around doing nothing. Actually I’ll take this time to check wireless connectivity here, since they seem to allow access to some site for free… Main screen turn on!

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