I’ve known for a long time you could build your own DVR, but it wasn’t something I really felt like I had the time or money to invest in. I finally got to see my friend John‘s MythTV setup and dang, is it nice! He said the total cost was about $400 for all the parts needed. He built the box himself and dropped in a 200 gb drive and plenty of RAM, though he says lots of people run it on lesser machines.

John said that it took a weekend to build it, and that he followed a 40+ page document that pretty much outlined exactly what to do. (Are there enterprising individuals selling ready-to-run boxes? You know, if you’re not an expert Linux do-it-yourselfer.) Now I’m all tempted and can see this being a future project. I do like the Moxi, but for the pure hackability aspect, I can see some amazing things that could be done with a MythTV box…

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  1. John BaileyNo Gravatar says:

    For those interested, here is the tutorial I used:


    If you are not a Linux buff, I would set some time aside for this project. The tutorial is pretty straight forward, but still expects a bit of Linux background, so be ready to learn.

  2. mandrakeNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve been meaning to spend some time to build one of these…after reading about different DIY PVRs at some site (Build your own yada yada). But these days, I’m spending so much time listening to podcasts that I my TV watching is lacking. But I love the concept/attitude!

  3. If I do end up building one, I’d definitely see how it could be integrated into my podcatching experience. I mean, it’s a media center/server right? I’d assume I could do some music sharing from it to other devices/nodes on my network…

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