Yahoo! Maps Upgrade?

Did Yahoo! Maps get all Ajax on us…?

Did Yahoo! Maps get all Ajax on us?

In Geo Yahoo! Maps I said that Yahoo! Maps allowed passing latitute/longitude coordinates in the query string but then redirected you to a “long and scary and obfuscated” URL. It doesn’t seem to any more. Try this: lat=43.112&lon=-88.492&mag=2 Also, when you zoom the map or move it North, South, East or West, it’s all in place without full page reloads. (Well, in Firefox anyway, doesn’t seem to work in Safari, well, in Safari on Pather anyway…)

As I asked last time, do other people notice these things? I mean, it’s not quite Google Maps yet, but Yahoo! keeps incrementally improving things. I’m always just a bit surprised when it’s not Jeremy, Russell, or the Yahoo! Developer Network where I find out about them. Do those map folks just not talk to anyone? Or maybe they just take all my suggestions. ;)

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