Tired: Fired for blogging… Wired: Fired for podcasting!

Being fired for blogging is so early 2000′s. (Heck, Cam pretty much did it in 1997!) Mark Pilgrim, Dooce, Troutgirl. Old News!

Now we have a Podcaster Fired Over Podcast; Too Naughty for South Carolina:

“If we’ve learned anything from this experience, it’s been to carefully choose an employer, if you plan to make controversial statements anywhere.”

What did we say about representing?

Hey, now that the future is near and it’s a whole new internets, we can await the day when someone who gets paid to blog (or podcast) gets fired for doing something else inappropriate. Won’t that be cool? I can see it now “Blogger Fired for [Insert Undesirable Behavior Here]” or something like that. Mark my words, it’ll happen…

2 Responses to “Fired for Podcasting”

  1. mandrakeNo Gravatar says:

    “Michael Butler Fires Himself for Humming Nickelback Song”

  2. People who hum Nickelback songs should suffer a fate much worse than being fired…

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