My cable company called me today. They wanted to know how my Moxi was working out…

I told them all was well, no complaints, heck, it’s the first time I’ve had a completely positive experience using Flash. (Hey, I’ll even skip the mention of Flash being an Adobe property now, and wondering what that means for SVG…)

Then the guy asked if I had and comments or questions… (Oh boy!) I asked if there was any point in attempting to connect it to my network via the ethernet jack in the back, to which he said “Not at this time…” and I went on to explain that I was a little disappointed that many of the features (photos, dvds, jukebox) built into the Moxi were not yet offered or enabled. He went on to say that it’s mostly a matter of copyright and usage rights, but they are working on trying to enable more features for consumers in the future. He stressed that point, and sounded pretty sincere about it.

I then told him I was strongly considering building a MythTV box because it could do things that the Moxi (as offered by them) currently cannot do, and I wanted to use the media that I have the right to use, as I so desire. I told him I liked the Moxi and it works well, but the limitations concerned me just a bit. He thanked me for my feedback, and seemed pretty surprised by the things I said. (It’s ok, I’m used to that…)

Moxi and remote control

(Crap! I forgot to mention my one complaint – that the remote does not light up for easy use in a dark room…)

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