Argh… Firefox has been pretty darn stable for me overall, and I’m pretty loose with extensions, and will install a new one if it sounds useful, but lately I’ve have all these quits.

The nice thing about these quits are that I can see them coming. Actuall, I can hear them coming, because my hard drive starts getting loud, Firefox slows down, and then I’m alerted that Firefox has quit. Sometimes I even get to finish reading a page before it quits, so that’s nice…

Looking at the Talkback history though, I see this:

Date Quits
2005-05-06 1
2005-05-09 2
2005-05-10 3
2005-05-11 4
2005-05-12 1 (and counting…)

In theory, Firefox should quit on me 4 more times today. This might not happen as I’ve got a short day today, and if I actually get around to installing Firefox 1.0.4 perhaps all this badness will go away…

2 Responses to “Browsin’ like it’s 2000”

  1. mike dunnNo Gravatar says:

    go to 1.0.4 pete – worth doing ;)

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