Long ago I mentioned our Canoe Adventure, which at the time seemed like quite a journey, and while we’ve gone further down the river since then, I’ve not properly documented it…

So here’s this:

Canoe Map - Oconomowoc River

Our Starting Point (A) was in Fowler Lake, and leads into the Oconomowoc River. We headed over to La Belle Cemetery (B) where we walked around for a bit discussing the tombstones, the dead, and the undead. From there we paddled past Riverside Park (C) opting not to stop this time as we usually do, and kept going all the way to the new Highway 67 overpass (D), which was not on the map, so I added it in with a purple line. (I had to approximate where it was, as I had no GPS handy.) Our ultimate goal is to make it all the way to Lake Oconomowoc (E) and it looks like we made it about 1/2 way. I think we’ll have to set aside most of the day to do this, and it would be wise to bring along a nice lunch to enjoy once we get there. (Of course we could always take a short land detour to the Kiltie!)

Hopefully the next update with a fancy map will show that red line being twice as long, and our arms being twice as tired…

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