OSXy Osborne

People are wondering if Apple will fall under the Osborne Effect with it’s Intel announcement…

People are wondering if Apple will fall under the Osborne Effect with it’s Intel announcement… I don’t know. I doubt it though… I think Steve is smart enough to know what he’s doing, and maybe Apple’s line will be tweaked to account for this. (Cheaper hardware? Less high-end hardware?) I think as a Mac user talking to a potential Mac buyer, the first thing you should tell them is that Apple will put out a machine that is faster, cheaper and better in the future. Possibly a few minutes after your shiny new Mac arrives. It’s a guarantee. Oh, that and don’t order right before Macworld Expo or the WWDC. I mean, sheesh! That’s just common sense!

I don’t know. (None of us do…) As I said in Apple + Intel = Yawn I’m not too worried about it. As I mentioned, I think a processor upgrade is a good idea for me. (Well, for my Mac anyway, actually I could use a processor upgrade as well…) In fact, this could be big for the processor upgrade manufacturers. There might be a lot of people looking to stretch their Mac another year or two instead of buying a new one now. (Sorry PowerBook/iBook users, processor upgrades are typically only for desktop machines.) The other good news for me is that people may sell their ‘obsolete’ hardware at cheap prices. Yay for me and the old used Macs.

I also thought this was amusing. People used to say if you were a gamer you’d run Windows, not a Mac. Macs used PowerPC chips while Windows used Intel chips. Nowadays all the game consoles are or will be using PowerPC chips, and the Mac will be using Intel chips. What does it all mean? Nothing really, I just found it amusing. It’s almost like the Mac is still trying to live up the “The Mac is not a toy” motto.

Oh, and one more thing… I find it curious that Apple may be manufacturing it’s very nice hardware, with Intel chips, that can run Windows, at just about the time Microsoft will be releasing Longhorn, forcing people to buy new computers capable of running it. Is Steve Jobs looking to out-Microsoft Microsoft by producing kick-ass Windows machines? (Somebody get Scoble on the case!)

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Apple will have the coolest hardware that (one way or another) could also run Windows/Longhorn/etc. As an IT support guy, I see it as a future nightmare…*and* I’ll want one. ;)

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