Just a reminder folks, if you’re ordering my birthday gift from Amazon you’ll want to use my Amazon Wish List, and you’re gonna wanna order it very soon so it can get here by next Saturday.

I mean, I don’t mind my gifts coming later than Saturday, but if you wanna be all official and stuff, that would be the day…

2 Responses to “DOB Is Coming”

  1. Why can’t my family get into Amazon Wish Lists? I mean, everyone under 30 does, but if you’re over 30 then you don’t wanna hear “this and that” about a website with a wish list. “Just call me and tell me what you’d like”, but I DON’T want to tell you, I want to be surprised!


    Hehe, reguardless, happy b-day…er, on Saturday that is! :)

  2. Thanks Chris, and hey, I AM over 30, but I’m a web geek…

    That said, I’ve actually yet to get a gift from any online wish list, but it’s worth a shot!

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