I’m really a bass player… I mean, I play guitar, and if it’s 3-chord punk rock you want, I can deliver it, but really, I’m a bass player… Oh sure, I used to have a drum set, and play other people’s drum, and it was fun and all, but now, now my friends, I have a drum set.

Through a crazy set of circumstances, I now inhabit a house with a nice basement room that contains a bass, guitar, two amps, and a drum set. Those drums! They make for a good workout I tell you! It’s been probably 10 years since I really played the drums for more than a few minutes, and it was a blast. (I’m hoping the neighbors don’t mind too much.) I just wish it was a double-bass setup so I could get a full body workout.

The next step of course is to get the kids involved, and see if they’ve got any musical inclination. They say they do, so we’ll just see what happens. Don’t think The Partridge Family, think School of Rock. ;)

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  1. Chad DNo Gravatar says:

    I was wondering what that noise was coming from the northwest. :)

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