Old Buddy Dave asks:

What if I wanted to get 100 t-shirts with a simple logo to show up in Seattle on Thursday, and didn’t mind spending some money to do it. Do you think there’s a way to do it? Seems for enough money there must be a way to do it.

Man, where were people like you 12 years ago! I mean, this is pretty much the kind of question people would ask me, though there was never any mention of money, and I occasionally I had more than 4 days to do it.

This is what you do: Find someone with time on their hands, who happens to be a friend, or likes you, or wants money. Give them the design, or have them do the design, burn a screen, get the shirts, ink, etc. (it will help if they have a screen-printing machine, homemade or not) and then help them print the shirts, hang ‘em to dry, take ‘em all to a laundromat and throw ‘em in the dryer for a cycle. (It worked for All You Can Eat.)

If you don’t like the DIY method I’m sure there are companies that could do it. I say that because I used to work for one, and if someone showed up and said “for enough money there must be a way to do it” we’d sure as hell git ‘er dun.

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