I guess that Gnomedex thing is going on, but of course, I’m not actually there, so I don’t know.

My idea for the day though was this: I’ve got cell phone numbers for at least three people there, and could possibly even dig up a few more. I thought about calling some of them and saying “Hey, meet me at the Citizen Media session…” or whatever. (If you want to get really tricky scour Flickr for Gnomedex photos of places/things you can reference.) I would then hope that people would mention that I was there but failed to actually find me. One must be elusive, like the unicorn!

Obviously I’ve blown my cover by writing about this. None the less, feel free to borrow my plan…

One Response to “Gno[me]dex”

  1. An excellent plan. I would fear that pictures of me would actually show up on Flickr and then I would be scared.

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