In celebration of Apple thinking we were smart, and finally catching on to our great idea of last year, I present to you, the complete RasterWeb! Audio RSS 2.0 feed with enclosures! Now featuring every episode ever released…

That’s right, over 30 episodes from the original series! Hear the world of podcasting as it existed back in the dark days of Summer 2004, when the podcasts were few, and the clients even fewer! No ads, no networks of similar podcasts, no proper web site, poor quality audio.. What more could you want!?

iTunes, do your worst!

(Dear Apple, please send me an iPod now.)

One Response to “RasterWeb! Audio (all over again!)”

  1. Matt HaugheyNo Gravatar says:

    These podcasts are hilarious. It’s tough to find anything remotely interesting or entertaining on iTunes now, especially because they’re all an hour long. Yours are perfect.

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