I saw Scott and Dave yesterday before I left Milwaukee. Who? I’ll tell ya who…

Scott is in a band called Dashboard Confessional. (I told him they suck… I was joking… or was I? Ha!) Scott used to be in Self Denial, and Cleveland Bound Death Sentence (the original one) and probably some other bands. I’m pretty sure Scott and I were never in a band together, though he did mention that he heard one of my podcasts… Dave on the other hand was in a band with me, and that band was Hardware. (Dave was of course in Self Denial along with Scott.) Dave and I talked briefly via email a while back about releasing some of the old Milwaukee hardcore stuff we used to record. One of these days…

I should have filed this under Where Are They Now? but I didn’t get to talk to them enough to find out where they are now, besides Beans & Barley

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