If you’ve been reading this site for a long period of time now, you may have noticed that I often complain – I mean – bring light to, issues involving licenses, agreements, and terms of use/service… Fire up the License Investigator, here we go again!

The good news is, the issue I brought up has already been resolved! See this post at 43 Ideas/Things as well as this one to the yws-maps group.

In summary, I brought up a question, got some confusing information, tried to clarify the information, and now have even better information. It’s a win-win-win situation, baby!

I do understand how it can be difficult to lay out a terms of use/service agreement. You want to be open and sharing, but not so open you share yourself out of business… I think companies should take the time to re-evaluate their terms of use/service agreements now and again and see if they make sense to people who are not lawyers, and if they seem rational to the everyday (as well as very technical) user.

This event also highlights what can happen when companies take the time to have a dialog with their users/customers and actually respond quickly. Any company that just provides a feedback form that you’ll never get a reply to could learn a valuable lesson here.

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