Wow, Cam and Damien are trying to get on The Amazing Race… See Blogger Twins for more info:

We’ve been receiving a lot of email from people who think this is a silly idea and chastise us because they think we want to be famous by being on a reality TV show. Clearly, these people did not watch our video or read much of what we’ve written.

The primary reason for wanting to be on the show is to win the money, and the primary motivation for winning the money is so we can afford to build our mother a wheelchair-accessible house…

I’ve known Cam and Damien for years (online anyway) and they’ve been inspirational and helpful to me in many ways… And their reason for doing this is a damn good cause, so if you can, help draw attention to what they’re trying to do. Link to their site, tell your friends, whatever… Good luck guys!

(See Also: Cam’s postDamien’s post…)

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