Another day, another aggregator that does video… PenguinTV runs on Linux, and I haven’t even tried it yet, but I figured it was worth a mention since yesterday I said that video on the web will completely explode in 2005.

So now besides FireANT, iTunes, I/ON, and DTV we have PenguinTV for the Linux crowd… (Crap, did I forget mefeedia?)

Half of those clients are open-source and the rest are “freeware” (free as in beer, not free as in speech.)

So, any guesses as to how long until another video aggregator is announced?

4 Responses to “PenguinTV”

  1. l.m.orchardNo Gravatar says:

    Huh… Now you’ve got me wanting to adapt my homebrew podcast tuner into something my modded XBox (with XBMC[1]) can use to tune into video feeds.

    You bastard.

    [1] http://www.xboxmediacenter.de

  2. Ha, do it! I’m really hoping someone in the MythTV community sees what is going on and builds an aggregator that runs there. (Maybe PenguinTV is it?) That would be killer…

  3. l.m.orchardNo Gravatar says:

    Nice shoes, by the way.

  4. I’ve been informed by people who care that I really should have a better pair of shoes, so keep an eye out for them before the end of 2005…

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