MediaWiki Wins!

What’s that old saying “Let the Wiki win…” (Or something like that…)

What’s the old saying “Let the Wiki win…”? (Or something like that…)

As mentioned in Weblog versus Wiki I was contemplating using MediaWiki for a project and good gosh was the install easy! It was almost too easy… You know, one of those “that’s it?” type installs you read about on weblogs…

Configuring took just a little bit of time… I wanted clean urls and to restrict editing to registered users. It took more time to find that info than it did to edit LocalSettings.php to do the right thing…

I still like UseModWiki for what it does, but so far MediaWiki is pretty damn nice…

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I, too, have been kicking around which wiki to install. Inspired by your post on how easy it was, I checked out MediaWiki. I LOVE how it looks and works (it’s the wiki engine that powers Wikipedia), and the install was indeed dead simple. 15 minutes later, using nothing but an FTP client and my browser, it was up and running. Check it out at

Thanks, Pete! :-)

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