I got a letter from my auto insurance company about the renewal of my policy. I was a bit worried because it did not reflect the policy changes I’ve been making (trying to make) in the last few months. When I called them, they explained that the letter may have been printed before the policy changes were made. How far in advanced do they print those things? Don’t they want to send you accurate and up-to-date data?

So, I wasn’t too worried since the whole reason they sent the letter was to confirm all of this, but then they asked if my employer was The Corporation, which worried me a bit since I left The Corporation five years ago. They did have the correct work phone number though. They then asked about the home address I had about seven years ago, when I first started the policy, even though they sent the letter to my last address, not my most current.

I’m going to try my best to avoid any sort of auto mishap, because I get the feeling if anything happens, my auto insurance company will somehow not be able to verify I even exist.

Lesson for the day: Data maintenace is hard.

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