My head hurts, but it’s alright now… I can stop banging it against my desk!

See, I use SSH a lot. All day long. I connect to many different remote machines. Life is good. Except for one thing. At home I like my network, and I can stay connected to remote machines for days and weeks on end. At the office this is unpossible. Connections that sit idle for more than a few minutes get killed.

Oh sure, I tried to search for ssh, keepalive, timeout, and idle, all to no avail. It seems you can set things on the server to fix this, but not the client. Or so I thought!

See this Mac OS X Hint on router timeouts during ssh sessions. Specifically the comment by bill_mcgonigle on Thu, Jun 17 ’04 at 08:41PM. A quick trip to the OpenSSH site for a newer version of OpenSSH and the addition of a ~/.ssh/config file with ServerAliveInterval 60 it in and all seems well with the world…

Thanks Mac OS X Hints and bill_mcgonigle!

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