One year ago this week marks a point in time when podcasting really started to take off, and when it got it’s “official” (still widely complained about) name…

What? You want to see what I had to say? Take a look at these messages: 52, 64, 82, 85, 144, 146, 149, 187, 201, 215, 211, 264, 282, 288, 322, and 339.

It seems like I was the “reluctant evangelist” suggesting that “we” or “someone” should work on evangelizing podcasting… Well, I’m an idea man, I can’t be expected to take action on all of my ideas! (Luckily others did…)

One more, the first mention of “podcasting” on the list (courtesy of Dannie J. Gregoire) one year ago today…

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