It was weird to read two posts from Russell Beattie that I was able to tie together and relate to myself…

Mobdex in 1984 talks about an idea he had, that others he showed it to later implemented and thought was teh cool, while AvantGo Goes RSS! talks about how AvantGo finally has some RSS action…

Here’s a bit I wrote in September of 2002 about rsshh:

…an abandonded project of mine, an RSS aggregator that produces an AvantGo channel for syncing with my Palm.

rsshh stood for “RSS Handheld” and basically it was some code that pulled in RSS feeds, and would then output simple HTML pages which I would then sync with my Palm III via AvantGo. I don’t claim to be the person who came up with the idea, or who implemented it first, or whatever, I’m just glad to help.

(Note: I was really confused when I went to Russell’s site, as I thought he switched to just publishing advertisements instead of weblog posts…)

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