Consider this a continuation of Will Microsoft ever play nice with the web?

Dear Microsoft, it’s 2005. Heck, it’s almost 2006, and you are still launching web sites (see Windows Live) that do not work in other web browsers.

How can the people who develop these things justify this? These are not good web citizens… But wait! Look, see, they are thinking of you!

Firefox Users
Firefox support is coming soon. Please be patient :-)

Oooh, that smiley is a nice touch. A warm and fuzzy, truly caring Microsoft.

I assume what they mean to say is “Windows users who happen to use Firefox, Please be patient”… But wait, there’s more!

What is Windows Live?
Your online world gets better when everything works simply and effortlessly together. That’s the basic idea behind Windows Live. So the things you care about – your friends, the latest information, your e-mails, powerful search, your PC files, everything – comes together in one place. This is a brand new Internet experience designed to put you in control. And this is just the beginning – you’ll see many more new services in the coming months.

Again, I assume that unless you and your friends all use Windows, you are not included. Safari, Opera? Mac OS X? Linux? Chances are you aren’t invited to the party…

As usual, file this under Humor.

One Response to “Will Microsoft ever get the web?”

  1. XrewNo Gravatar says:

    Thanking for that Microsoft`s politics, in 2010 Bill Gates will be the unemployed.Because everyone will be use open source.

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