The following is an unordered list of things Loosey the Cat has attempted to eat, or has eaten, or has at least chewed on a bit, in the last two years:
Loosey and chewed up sponge

  • Macaroni & cheese
  • Pancakes (blueberry and non-blueberry)
  • Cupcakes (just nibbled the tops)
  • Tinkerbell’s vomit (Tinkerbell is the other cat)
  • Popcorn
  • Turkey
  • Iam’s cat food
  • Kitchen sponge (may have smelled like chicken)
  • Donuts

Don’t get me wrong, I have not offered all of these things to Loosey, she often decides what to eat, and when to eat it without consulting with me. As for the “Tinkerbell’s vomit” item, for all I know Tinkerbell vomits on a daily basis but I never know it. Kudos to Loosey for cleaning it up so I don’t have to. (That does not lower the “gross” factor though.) She has only chewed up two kitchen sponges, and that happened in the same week, I’ll call it a phase. As for the donuts, she managed to remove one from a plastic bakery bag on Saturday night, but she was caught in the act Sunday night trying to compromise the security device protecting the donuts. The donuts were properly secured after that, and she was punished appropriately.

(Hey, it just ain’t the web without posts about cats…)

3 Responses to “Cat Food”

  1. l.m.orchardNo Gravatar says:

    Am I seeing things, or are they in an oven in that picture?

    Also, I was guilty of cat pictures on Flickr recently.

  2. The cats are underneath an oven (the bottom drawer was removed) I was doing kitchen rennovations at the time…

  3. Argyle TigressNo Gravatar says:

    Loosey has interesting taste in “food”. My cat Neon works on the presumption that if it can fit in your mouth it’s edible. A short list of his edible endeavors for the past two weeks:

    The strap to my camisole
    The lid from a Tupperware
    An entire kithen sponge (what is it with kitchen sponges?)
    A zuchini
    Rum cake
    A spider
    A piece of metal. That cost $140 bucks.

    Oh, I could go on. We should come up with a system that really explains to them what IS and what is NOT edible. You think there’s some freeware on the web for this?

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