Ha! Tricked ya… I wrote Don?t Panic instead of Don’t Panic…

In my WordPress Dashboard I saw Don?t Panic! WordPress Is Secure instead of seeing Don’t Panic! WordPress Is Secure which is what I see at the site and in the feed. (Unless I look at the source, where I see Don’t Panic! WordPress Is Secure which should also be fine…)

A quick check with curl reveals both the WordPress site and feed are being served as charset=utf-8, and since I trust the WordPress guys are doing the right thing, I really start to panic… Well, not so much panic as get that “here we go again” feeling you get when you realize that somewhere in the chain something is broken and you’re not sure if you should be happy or sad that it’s probably on your end since you have the power to fix it (hopefully) but that also means it’s up to you to fix it, so you can’t just pass the buck, blame someone else, and write a blog post about it… sigh…

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