With the imminent release of a Firefox that supports SVG, I wonder if we are going to see a lot more warnings… Warning you say? Yes warnings…

In December 2004 I wrote a post that included some SVG graphs. When I checked the RSS feed for validation I got a warning. (Acutally, at the time I think it was an error, but I’m not sure about that, should have blogged it I guess.) You can check this feed using the validator to see the warning, which points you to the foo should not contain object tag page.

So I’m wondering if we’re going to see more people using the object tag with SVG, and if so, what will that mean for RSS feeds, feed validators, feed readers, etc?

One Response to “Warning: Objects Ahead!”

  1. minghongNo Gravatar says:

    We will see many ugly <img> elements. :-(

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