Yahoo! loves buying things! They just bought del.icio.us!

See also: Upcoming is Yahoo!, Flickr Buys Yahoo!, and Oh No! blo.gs for sale!?

(I swear I’ve gotta work harder at making Yahoo! buy me.)

I mean, they let blo.gs go to crap, but otherwise, things seem pretty good. I just get worried about Yahoo! owning everything. Unless they buy me. The only thing that will ease my worries is if Yahoo! buys me, then I just won’t care anymore….

6 Responses to “Yahoo! Buys! Again!”

  1. intrpngnNo Gravatar says:

    mm not sure how I feel about that.. Have not been an avid Yahoo user for many years. Strategically, I guess this puts them in the running for Google traffic.. Would not be suprised if Google did not hook something into their image directory if they have not already…

  2. Casino says:

    Your site is amaizing. Can I share some resources with you?

  3. Thanks! I always thought it was “amazing” but what do I know!

  4. @intrpngn, you’ve been a Yahoo! user at least since they acquired Flickr, right? :)

  5. Austin Miller says:

    I really liked your comments here. I hope you’re going to update your site soon.

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