In the process of attempting to finally install the iLife ’05 (why oh why is it not 2005?) suite I managed to have it fail, but still fill my drive, so I attempted to clean things up and make more space and that failed and the system got a little hosed and so I ended up finally installing that new larger hard drive I’ve had sitting in a box for the last few months so I could do the Mac OS X 10.4 upgrade…

Installing Tiger was not a huge deal. It failed twice until I cleaned the DVD real nice, then it went pretty darn smooth, and the install process managed to pull the data from my old 10.3.9 system which was on old hard drive #1. Yay for Apple. The G4 is a nice machine to work on, so swapping in a new drive is pretty painless. I used ditto to copy old hard drive #1 onto new hard drive, then pulled out old hard drive #1 and put in old hard drive #2. I still have to wipe and reformat old hard drive #2 into a single partition for nothing but media files (podcasts, videoblogs, music, etc.) but that should be painless. (old hard drive #1 is going into the kitchen iMac.)

Installing iLife ’05 was simple, and I can finally play with Garageband a bit. (Whee!) Other than that, I’ve still got the under the hood stuff to do, like install Fink and all the *nix tools and utils I need.

Luckily, I moved almost all of my web apps over to my Linux box running XAMPP a while back so those are not affected. Best of all, I can now let my aggregators download at will without worrying about disk space on a daily basis. (Well, for a few months anyway…)

As for the Little Sleep? I got about 4 hours…

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