Did you get any iTunes Gift Cards for the holidays? If so, remember that all that lovely music from the iTunes Music Store comes dipped in that nasty DRM coating. But fear not! You can remove that coating! Audio CD’s my friends… They are a good thing. Good for backup, good for removing the unwanted coating from your files.

DRM'd Files Playlist

Here’s the playlist I use to find anything that might come across as an AAC file with DRM. (Oddly enough, I’ve even seen a podcast or two fall into this playlist, which was very strange indeed!) You can also look at your Purchased Music playlist, but I was curious as to what else made it into my library with the DRM coating on it.

I’ve been amazed at how much more important playlists are to me now that there’s an iPod in the mix. (Yes, I’ve joined the iPod Army. I am one of you now. Hooray!)

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