We went over some syncing stuff in Calendar Woes (Part 2), and needless to say, syncing is a major feature, and it’s one we want to work correctly, but sadly, it sometimes doesn’t…

I finally got around to reformatting my drive that had a 20 GB ‘Media’ partition and making it a 40 GB partition. In doing this I backed up my iTunes library, reformatted the drive, then restored my iTunes library. I used ditto to do this, and all files ended up back where they belonged. I lauched iTunes and it found everything just fine. (I won’t get into discussing inodes here, but they probably play some part in what comes next.)

Now that I had all this extra room, and all seemed well, I was happy. Until I decided to sync my iPod. Upon doing so, it seemed to think every single file was changed/updated/modified in some way. So the sync took hours and hours and hours. Hey, at least it worked!

As for the Nokia 7610, I solved one Bluetooth connection problem, and 99% of the time, iSync does the right thing when dealing with calendars and contacts, but every now and then, there is a slight freakout. Today it would not sync, so I ended up deleting the device in iSync and setting it up again (which I should not have done.) This was partly my fault, because for some reason Bluetooth was turned off on my phone. I say partly because I know I didn’t turn it off, so I assume it turned itself off. (?) Anyway, upon getting everything synced up again, iSync thought it was a new device (since I just set it up) and synced everything, which took some time. This time all of the 1-touch numbers (except for one) got unassigned. In the past I’ve managed to lose one or two of the assigned numbers, but this time almost all of them were lost. Sigh…

As much as I love technology and the gadgets that should make our lives easier, it’s sometimes a pain to deal with them…

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