We’ve got an internal wiki, which now holds tons and tons of valuable information. Recently navigation links were added to many pages, offsite things, other stuff, etc. and I realized that this was probably done for the “common user” and by that I guess I’m calling myself the “uncommon user” which seems odd, because I’m sure I’m one of the top two people who have created and edited pages, and pretty much always have at least one tab open with a wiki page loaded.

My own wiki usage in finding (not creating) pages consists of two things: the Recent Changes page and searching. I hit Recent Changes to see what is new, and do a search for almost everything else. All the sidenav links are wasted on me, and actually pushed the two features I used the most (Recent Changes and searching) way down the page. Argh… It makes me feel all 37signalish and almost makes me want to focus the wiki’s usability on me. (I know better than those pesky users, right?)

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  1. Note: Recent Changes link and search box are now located in a better position… Cool!

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