I used Interarchy back when it was Anarchie, and I even bought two version of 6.2 years ago, and sometimes I use them! (Mostly I used the command line for scp and sftp, but now and then, a graphical client is nice.)

Anyway, I was dismayed after trying it on one of my Macs (still running Mac OS X 10.3.9) to see it didn’t work. It would not connect to servers using sftp. I took a quick look around and found an Interarchy Users Group that had two posts that seemed to mention the problem I was having. The weird thing was, command line sftp was fine, but Interarchy was not. I tried Fugu and that did the right thing… puzzling…

I then remembered that I upgraded ssh last year. Aha! It seems Interarchy was using /usr/bin/ssh and not /usr/local/bin/ssh. A quick symlink set everything right.

If you need a graphical client, Interarchy is very nice. The copies I bought were dirt cheap years ago due to some expo special or something. If you want free, Fugu is pretty nice too…

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